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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monster Jam

Yesterday we had tickets to the Monster Jam in Minneapolis at the Metrodome.  Getting there was pretty easy.  The show was awsome we all had a blast.  There are not too many things a family of four can do for around a hundred dollars anymore, this was one of them.  We had great seats we were in row 17 right behind where the trucks parked. 

Between the truck races and the freestyle they had a car race.  This was the funniest thing I had seen.  There were about ten cars and each had a trailer hooked up to it.  Many had something on the trailer like a couch, snowmobile, jetski, washer and drier.  As they raced around the track it was almost like a demo as they crashed into each other and the trailers.  Then the stuff started falling off the trailers, by the end the track was a mess with the busted remains of the trailer stuff.  Brought a new meaning to "trailer trash".  The the popup camper being pulled by one guy was totally disintergrated.

We were all laughing histerically watching it.  It was great.

Here are just a few of the pictures we took of the monster trucks.
Avenger put on the best show during his freestyle He rolled his truck twice and recovered both times to keep going.  He ended up winning the freestyle event.  He also lost half of the fiberglass body off his truck by the end.  Maximum Destruction lived up to his name because at the end of the run he didn't have anything left of the body on his truck.  It was only the frame and rollcage.  We didn't get any pictures of his run as we were taking a video instead.

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