Scrapbooking fills my days - not to mention my living room, bedroom, and closets!--Author Unknown

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scrappin catch up

I think this week I will be getting caught up on my scrappin.  I still have about 200 pics from South Dakota to go through and scrap I need to get an album for those pages I'm looking at the My Legacy Album in dark cocoa or outdoor denim for the South Dakota trip.  Now I have 274 pics to sort through and scrap from Monster Jam  I think it will need its own album also due to the quantity of pics we took and will want to include as many of them as possiable.  I might use the black album for Monster Jam.

Looks like I will be needing to place an order soon.  Good thing its tax time and I will be getting a refund so I think I know what I will be doing with it or at least part of it.

Monster Jam

Yesterday we had tickets to the Monster Jam in Minneapolis at the Metrodome.  Getting there was pretty easy.  The show was awsome we all had a blast.  There are not too many things a family of four can do for around a hundred dollars anymore, this was one of them.  We had great seats we were in row 17 right behind where the trucks parked. 

Between the truck races and the freestyle they had a car race.  This was the funniest thing I had seen.  There were about ten cars and each had a trailer hooked up to it.  Many had something on the trailer like a couch, snowmobile, jetski, washer and drier.  As they raced around the track it was almost like a demo as they crashed into each other and the trailers.  Then the stuff started falling off the trailers, by the end the track was a mess with the busted remains of the trailer stuff.  Brought a new meaning to "trailer trash".  The the popup camper being pulled by one guy was totally disintergrated.

We were all laughing histerically watching it.  It was great.

Here are just a few of the pictures we took of the monster trucks.
Avenger put on the best show during his freestyle He rolled his truck twice and recovered both times to keep going.  He ended up winning the freestyle event.  He also lost half of the fiberglass body off his truck by the end.  Maximum Destruction lived up to his name because at the end of the run he didn't have anything left of the body on his truck.  It was only the frame and rollcage.  We didn't get any pictures of his run as we were taking a video instead.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haven't posted anything for a bit.  Not much happening here unless you want to count house work, dishes, and laundry.  Today Chris had two basketball games, which has been our routine for every Saturday since December. Gilman finally started winning their games they won one and lost one last week and the same today won one and lost one.  It figures that I forgot the camera today too but I have some pics from a different game that I will be posting.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kate Gosselin

I just had to comment about Kate Gosselin new hair.  I read an article on yahoo that she just got a new hair style.  Now correct me if I'm wrong and I'm all for getting a new look to make your self feel better after a trying time in your life, but to spend around $7000 and 20 hours to get hair extensions seems a bit in excess.  Also now that the show is cancled and she is divorced why would she spend such a huge amount of money on hair extensions when that money could be use for something else like keeping a roof over the kids heads or food on the table.  She needs to look back on how she and Jon lived before they were stars before they had 8 kids and be a real role model for her kids and many other women out there who might be going through the same thing.
Just my rambeling thoughts.

Julie and Julia

I just got done watching the movie Julie and Julia. I think it was one of the better movies I have seen in some time. It got me thinking about how I could do the same thing. Except that I don’t have Julia Child’s cookbook. But I think I would enjoy doing something like that, picking a cookbook and cooking all the recipes and blogging about it. I love cooking and I think I could write about it. Well that said I didn’t use a cookbook but it goes with my previous post of cleaning out the freezer we had homemade chicken soup tonight for supper. I had made it in the spring so it was a good time to take it out and use it up.

What did all of you have for supper tonight? Just a pondering. You can post a comment and let me know if you want.

Just some thoughts

I was just checking my e-mails and one caught my attention. This one was talking about the cookie diet (yes I said the cookie diet). Now my first thought was WOW what women out there wouldn’t want to lose weight while eating cookies. My second thought was that this could be counter productive. So being the women that I am I decided to read that particular e-mail it was from a trusted source so it didn’t fall into the category of delete and ask questions later. After closer inspection of the e-mail it was titled the seven downsides of the cookie diet. The premise of the diet is to eat a cookie three to four times a day and then a low cal meal. The downsides are fatigue and irritability from too few calories, too little protein, possible constipation, too little calcium because the milk is not included with the cookies, unmotivated to exercise from the fatigue, and the largest downside is the lack of nutrition; as fruits and veggies are also not included.

Well I think I will stick to my original plan of following the Biggest Loser diet and exercise plan. At least I know I will be getting all the nutrients my body needs to produce the energy it needs to live as well as enough to exercise.

As part of my resolutions to improve my lifestyle I did a big clean out of the fridge and freezer. The first thing I tackled was the big chest freezer I tossed anything that I could no longer recognize because of the frost crystals covering the mystery item. I then looked at the dates on the other items anything with a 2006 or 2007 date was sent to the trash. The last to go was anything that I know we would never eat, I tend to save leftovers for the simple fact that I hat to toss good food in the garbage. I am trying to fix that problem in that I am trying to reduce the amount of food I make for a meal so that there isn’t too much left over of something that I know we won’t eat out of the freezer because as we all know certain items only taste good when made fresh. The next was the fridge after looking in there I was shocked to see NO science experiments. That’s right I had no science experiments in my fridge for the first time in quite some time. All the jars, bottles and etc with the dribs and drabs were trashed. You know the stuff the jelly jar that only has a tiny bit left not even enough for one piece of toast and the condiment bottles that are nearly empty that a full one has also been placed in the fridge next to the empty. I was pleasantly amazed that the light actually now goes all the way to the bottom shelf.

I am also getting rid of all the canned and boxed foods that are not going to fit into my new lifestyle. My thought is out of sight out of mind. Since I do all the grocery shopping those foods are not getting back into the house.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Christmas Pics

Here are some more pictures from Christmas and some of the boys favorite gifts. Both got nerf guns, Steven got legos, and Chris got a DVD player, I got the next movie in the Harry Potter series.

Wedding Invitations

I have been asked by my boyfriend to create several sample wedding invitations. Here is what I came up with. Let me know what you think.

The first is baby pink with colonial white card stock and Simple Beauty stamp set the over all size is 5x7 and don't open.

The second is a 6x6 colonial white, black , and white dasiy cardstock I stamped with Hollyhock ink using the Aspiration stamp set.

The last sample I made is standard card size with the bella paper and a smokey plum cardstock and ink. I use the stamp set that came in the tickeled pink set.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Pictures

I finally got around to posting some pictures from christmas of the boys.

Christopher wasn't too thrilled on getting his picture with Santa but he did it for his brother.

The boys are always wanting to open gifts early so they got to open their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and their new PJs on Christmas Eve.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tips for scrapbooking more in 2010

I got this off an e-mail group I'm on so I claim no authorship in any way shape or form. Just wanted to pass along some great tips on how we all can scrap more often (as if we need to scrap more often, though some of us might, though maybe not need to but WANT to might be more accurate) Cindy D. YOU need to look at number 4

1. Go though your stash and make sure you are keeping items you LOVE and not just everything you've ever come across on a sale.

2. Say to yourself daily that perfection is NOT necessary in life or in scrapbooking. Allow yourself to grow creatively and experiment. Being creative doesn't mean being perfect. Accept imperfections

3. Journal! Don't forget to jot even a sentence or two on a layout. If you procrastinate your journaling, do a whole stack of them at once this weekend! Then they will be done!

4. Get your digital pics onto your computer and off the camera. Create a system for finding them again that YOU can work with. Don't wait for hubby or the kids to teach you.

5. Backup your digital computer files onto CD, date it, and send it off to a safe place outside of your own home like a safety deposit box or family member.

6. If you have a backlog of loose photos from 2008--or anytime--sort them and file them into photo boxes. You can always decide what to scrap later. This way you can at least FIND it and it will be safe until then.

7. Go through your inks and pens. Toss out the dry ones! No sense carrying them around or storing them if they are useless! I recently found out that all my black ink pads were DRY! Out they went.

8. Share. Give your excess to a younger scrapper or a kid's craft program, Scouts, or charity.

9. Weed out your email groups--except for those that truly inspire you. ;) You need the time for creativity, not chatter.

10. Be Brave! Show your work to the local card or scrapbooking store around you. Share layouts at a crop instead of hiding your work. Resist the urge to downplay or disparage your own work. Accept compliments with "Thank you" instead of "Oh I hate it, I should have...."

And a bonus tip--Have fun! Set aside time each week to scrap. Keep the date with your creativity. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

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Happy New Year

WOW a new year already! Who can believe it’s already 2010, it seemed only a short time ago we were celebrating the new millennium and now we are 10 years into it. I just want to wish everyone a joyous and prosperous New Year.
Well it’s that time again to take stock of what’s happened in the last year and look forward to the New Year. This is the time that everyone makes their New Years resolutions to improve some aspect of their lives. As I sit here thinking about where I would like this New Year to take me, I remember years of the past and how some have been good and others not so good.
As I think about my resolutions for this upcoming year several things come to mind that I would like to improve on first like 19% of resolution makers I would like to lose some weight, but not only would I like to lose weight but I would like to make some lifestyle changes as well which I hope will benefit me in my weight loss goals I want to exercise more and improve my diet. Being a single mom of two active boys I would think I got enough exercise chasing after them but obviously it don’t work that way.
My next resolution involves my business as a CTMH consultant. I want to grow my business and earn one of the incentive trips that are offered. I have until September 2010 to earn enough points for the cruise to the Eastern Caribbean which is my goal for now. Part of making that goal I need to really work on getting parties booked each month.
I’m not sure yet how or where I will do it but I would like to start a club or crop each month.
I also am resolving to use the papers and stamps that I have accumulated but haven’t use as of yet. CTMH has such awesome papers and stamp sets that I tend to want it all but then don’t have the time to use it. So now’s the time to make time each night or at least once a week to scrapbook and use what I have and to prepare for parties and get new ideas.
I resolve to set aside at least 2 hours a week to work on business building.
My last resolution is to keep up with this blog. I have several goals in mind for this blog. I want to use it as a business builder tool, but I also want to showcase some of my artwork and share the happenings of my immediate family with my extended family.
WOW nothing like lofty goals for the coming year. We will have to see if any of these goals come to pass or not. Tune in next year and see what was accomplished.